Welcome to the Energy System Decarbonisation Simulator

The INNOPATHS Energy System Decarbonisation Simulator (ESDS) is an online interface and modelling tool resulting from work carried out by E3Modelling under the EU H2020 funded project INNOPATHS.

The ESDS aims to provide users and relevant stakeholders with a fully transparent, user-friendly and interactive modelling tool to quantify the energy system developments, associated CO2 emissions, energy costs and investment.

Its objective is to fill the gap between the sophisticated large-scale energy-economy models and the needs of policy makers and investors.

ESDS has a large disaggregation in terms of countries, technologies and policies providing projections for the period 2020-2070. The user can interact with the tool by providing input for a variety of model parameters, including technology costs, potentials, policy drivers and other assumptions.

The ESDS is intended to be a helpful reference to decision-makers as it allows them to explore the impacts of different policies, assess the potential, constraints and costs of a wide spectrum of mitigation options in each sector and quantify the synergies and trade-offs of alternative system configurations.

INNOPATHS ESDS team hope you have a great experience!